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Has anyone had good results recording in the field with an iPad?  Can you share details with the group?

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Too bad there hasn't been a reply to this yet.  I just noticed that the Samsung Galaxy player is also capable of recording through it's headphone jack.  The player is essentially an Android smartphone without the phone, so a number of recording apps are available.  Might be easier to manage in the field than an iPad.

Thank you, Christine!  Yes, (haa!) the network is a little 'sleepy', but we hope to wake up the participation soon, as things at Wild Sanctuary warm up in the coming year.  (We've been concentrating on the new book for the last good while, but now that it is launched, we intend to enliven the network!)  So glad you could join us!  I have been exploring Audiofile's "FIRe" app on the iPhone with some success, but it doesn't replace better equipment, that's certain.  Thanks for the note on the Samsung. 

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