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Thanks very much Kat. Delighted to join the Support Team and 'meet' other members. I've been a big fan since I read "Into a Wild Sanctuary" at the turn of the century, around the time I began a part-time PhD.  A paper based on my thesis was recently published in "Psychomusicology: Music, Mind, and Brain". The title is "Musical listening and kinesthesis: Is there an audio-vocal tuning system?" In this paper I suggest that our ability to make sense of the sounds in our environment is underpinned by the presence of a dynamic, self-adjusting and tunable audio-vocal tuning system. Unless I am mistaken (and, of course, I could be) I think the approach I've taken may also be relevant to other animals and the work of Soundscape. Why? Research has shown that birds, for example, adjust the frequency of their calls to overcome city noise. A question that has been asked is whether such adjustment is associated with an energy cost. I think it is, and I'd like to explore/discuss this question with others interested in this and related topics. Thanks, Nicola

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