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Sounds of Nature Workshop -- a Celebration of People and Place

The recent SOUNDS OF NATURE WORKSHOP at The Murie Centerwas a particular treat. I believe we ALL came away fortified, not only by the generous sharing of talents from project colleagues Bernie Krause, Martyn Stewart, and Kevin Colver, but also the gifted insights from world-class mic-maker Klas Strandberg, and the interaction of all participants. Rather than an historic diorama of the cabins where history was made (The Murie Center is the birthplace of both the Wilderness Act and the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve), the center enlivens ongoing dialogue and stimulates connection to the Murie legacy of connecting people to conservation advocacy. A profound sense of place prevailed that was truly inspiring to us all! Late one afternoon I glimpsed two young Moose eagerly nibbling the trees just outside our cabin while meetings within the lodge had participants sharing their ideas over wine and cheese with similar friendly zeal. We're grateful to all workshop leaders and participants for their travel time, early hours, late nights, and generous efforts to help express 'the spirit of the wild' within their own creative efforts. Thanks to Brianne Colver for her group photo, shown here.

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