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Coming Attractions!  

We're happy to announce that we'll soon begin efforts on a new, revamped social network for the Soundscape Support Team. As we plan how to offer a better, more enjoyable, more productive on-line experience, build new community, and begin to really work together as a team, we invite your input!  

Making the connection with new friends will be a big part of this revitalization of the team.  We'll make room to create a healthy and diverse community habitat for exploration of soundscape-related dialogue, events, and conversation as our global association grows.

So, if you've some ideas to share on how you'd like to help raise soundscape awareness, foster sustainability and advocacy for the resonant places of the world, and build community with a diverse, inclusive group of people with a variety of interests (but share the common connection of their interest in expressing the sonic wild), we want to hear from you.  Please join in the dialogue, as we bring Soundscape Support Team up to date - and better than we ever dreamed.

Share your ideas at with Soundscape Team in the subject line or simply post here on the page.  


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