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The great catalyst of biophony and the 'Niche Hypothesis' is finally taking hold.  Around the world, more research, more outreach, and more networking than ever is energizing a world of soundscape interest. 

Check out the new 'sound-led' campaign efforts from World Wildlife Fund, Ocean Conservation Research, and NRDC to help keep the Arctic Ocean sustainable for marine life.  How exciting to be in the field - as web-based technologies keep connecting and expanding the possibilities and how dismaying that habitats keep disappearing as rapidly, as the new advances launch.

Check it out:

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Comment by Håkan Karlsson on February 9, 2012 at 1:15pm

Yes, it is great news that things are advancing! However, the field must be even more highlighted. As it is now it is very difficult to find funding for projects. I'm very grateful and rather optimistic that this and other new initiatives and networks will prove successful in constructing a suitable framework for establishing the concept of soundscapes and soundscape ecology within government as well as public awareness. How do we achieve this?

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