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In 2006, we watched as a white poster board was held up to members of the US Congress in an attempt to portray the regions of The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as nothing but vast, white snow-covered nothingness, free space for unabashed resource extraction. But we knew that the soundscape reveals something quite different! In fact, the Arctic Refuge is teaming with life.

The denning grounds of Black, Grizzly, and Polar Bear, the calving ground for thousands of Caribou, home to a million migrating birds, life in The Arctic Refuge resounds every spring with the calls, chirps, growls, grunts, scratches, hoof-beats, bleats, whistles, chirrs, tweets, and flaps of wildlife that will stay viable, only if their fragile Arctic eco-system is left untrammeled and protected.

Alaska Wilderness League and other great NPO/NGO efforts are noteworthy.... so let's do our part to help - with ARCTIC LIVE, an on-line and live- event celebration inspired by the sights and sounds of the Arctic Refuge. We'd love to hear your ideas on how to share the beauty of a place many of us may never visit....but are yet inspired by it's natural abundance of wilderness and wildlife. Our celebration of the Arctic Refuge is coming soon.... so please join us now, and invite your friends - at ARCTICLIVE.COM

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